Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Who is this man...really?? Once again Glory to Him!

Yep...that's John signing an application for a 5K. WHAT??? Yep! There's gonna be some unseen tears for those of you reading this. For those of you that follow my journey, you've heard recently of my wavering faith, my frustration in our current financial situation and even in my blog posts been able to tell the mention of the "big guy upstairs" has kinda gone to the way side. It's there, He's there, it's just been a tough road lately. I in no way shape or form have lost my faith...it's just on a back burner. I KNOW that's not a good thing, but as any athlete has their trying times and ups and downs of training/motivation, I fully believe that Christians will have the same with their faith. I continue to struggle along at the moment, but have had some recent answered prayers. 

Back when I started my weight loss journey, I had sent a prayer request to the Joyce Meyer prayer team. I had asked the girls in my Bible study to pray for me and also close friends. It took a couple of months but then it happened! After receiving a mailing from Joyce Meyer about "Finding the Power to Do What You Cannot Do" (wow just realized something with that) I sent another prayer request for John. I told them of how I've had great success with my weight loss and am now down over 60 lbs and running all kinds of races. I asked them to pray for God to help John quit smoking. I told them of his health problems because of it and asked to give him strength and a willingness to make health a priority.

A few months back when all of our financial struggles started I really had to think, "hmmm is God giving him no choice but to quit due to finances". I kept TRYING to keep a positive attitude about things, thinking, "this is what it's going go take". Things kept going haywire and struggle after struggle SOMETHING kept pulling us through the hard times and every time we needed something, something OR someone helped us out! (thanks to all of you who have helped in one way or another) Alas, John kept smoking...he'd talk of quitting here and there and even gave me all the cash/debit card several times, but would give in and even smoke halves of cigarettes he had left in the ashtray. I kept the peace about things and kept falling back on my faith that God will make this happen in HIS timing and will probably make it some amazing way.

Most of you know now, that I ran my Spartan Race July 14, 2012. It was July 20, 2012 that John smoked his last cigarette. 2 1/2 weeks ago now, and started RUNNING. He was so inspired by the race that he wants to do it next year. Yeah God, amazing that you used MY journey to inspire John. Not some dumb financial situation or something that just didn't mean much....Your timing....and making it something amazing! In the meantime, John has started working out...not JUST running...we made Bulgarian bags and he started working out with one of these on the days he doesn't run.

I told John he needed to make a goal. This is what I say has helped me immensely, to keep me motivated and to help keep off my weight. I never had physical goals in previous weight losses. Making goals keeps you going, it gives you something to work towards. John decided to do a 5K in September. So my earlier "(this made me realize something)" was that the topic I was reading about with Joyce Meyer was, "Finding the Power to Do What You Cannot Do" and the name of the first 5K John will be running is, "Yes I can". Coincidence?? I'm LOVING the runs that John and I get to do together now, and I think it's drawn us closer. I love hearing him asking if I'm ready to go run! I can't wait to cross the finish line with him....he might not cry, but I MIGHT!! None of this is our doing.  Yes, we get it done, and we need to keep ourselves motivated and we always have a choice...but the ultimate One pushing behind us is God and I once again need to give the glory to Him!

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