Saturday, December 22, 2012

Simple Brandz, Inc. and Team Simple

A few weeks ago I officially became an ambassador for a company that I highly believe in and became a part of Team Simple! Simple Brandz, Inc. was founded by Sherry Post. I got to know Sherry through a mutual interest of obstacle course races. I have "Facebook known" Sherry for over a year now. I met Sherry when she was well under way to getting Simple Brandz, Inc. up and going. I have been able to see her highs and lows and watch her dream blossom into reality. My husband and I tried starting a company that didn't go very far. I have seen first hand how hard it is to get products developed and made, market the products, and do a lot of promoting, usually losing money in the process.

Simple Brandz, Inc.kept growing for Sherry until she was able to purchase a building to use for manufacturing product and a patent was approved. Simple Brandz, Inc. now sells itself! I have personally used the Simple Granola during my runs and trainings. Sherry uses only whole foods in her products. Nothing chemically processed, dyes, or artificial ingredients. Here is an overview from Simple Brandz, Inc. Facebook page!/simplebrandz/info

Simple Brandz, Inc. is an all natural food manufacturer and innovator. The health conscious product line features Simple Granola and Simple Fuel. Both lines include a proprietary combination of healthy grains and super foods while remaining gluten, dairy and soy free. The Simple Brandz philosophy stands for basics, going back to the roots. Survival. You only need what nature has given to nourish your body.Simple Brandz mission is to feed people's body and soul and in the process pay it forward for community and country.


All-Natural Nutritional Supplement:
Wheat Free, Gluten Free
All Natural Ingredients with a Proprietary Blend of SuperProteins, Natural Healers, Natural Metabolizers, Fibers, Minerals, SuperGreens, and SuperFruits

Raw, Gluten, Dairy, Soy Free, Smart Portions, Energy & Protein Rich in Omega's, All Natural, Great for Hydration! Moist Granola Rounds are great for popping on the go!


April 2012 I ran the longest run to date, ALMOST 12 miles. It wasn't without some help. Just one Simple Brandz, Inc. granola piece was perfect to keep me fueled on my run. I love that they are small enough to pop into a plastic bag and carry with you on a long run. They easily fit into a fuel belt to use when needed. They can be popped in your mouth as running and are VERY easy on the stomach. I have never had problems with my stomach being upset after using Simple Granola.

Sherry is also a female veteran having served in the United States Army from 1992-2000. She is a strong supporter of anything involved with helping out veterans and active military personnel. One of Sherry's biggest philosophies is "paying it forward". Sherry and I share this idea immensely. Sharing my love for fitness by inspiring others and showing my strengths and weaknesses through my blog and my Facebook page Real Fitness, is another thing that has brought Sherry and I together. My weight loss journey has been shared with many people and Real Fitness was developed to help pay it forward, to help and inspire others to develop a healthy lifestyle. Simple Brandz, Inc. is just one of the things that has helped make that possible for me personally, which is why I was honored to take on a position of ambassador for the company and join Team Simple!

For more information, or to order and try some Simple Brandz, Inc. products, visit their website at       to "like" them on their Facebook page and keep up to date on new products and where you can meet Team Simple visit!/simplebrandz?fref=ts

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