Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hang On and Enjoy the Ride!

OK so here's another "cut and paste" from about 2 years ago. All you biker's out there will appreciate this one. Again, need to keep reminding myself of these things. John had another interview today, but again it wasn't meant to be. 10 % commission pay only and in this economy NO ONE is buying things that are more then necessary. We continue to pray that God helps us in these rough times and while we wait we'll hang on and enjoy the ride....God's in control...

Were you ever the passenger on a motorcycle? You get on the bike excited for the ride, ready for the wind to blow through your hair. The refreshing crisp air blowing on you, you breathe it in deep and it makes you feel alive, free. You can smell, hear, and see everything along your journey, way better than in a closed up car. As the passenger though, you’re not in control. You enjoy your ride, but at the hands of someone else. You put complete trust in your driver. Your life is literally in their hands. You have to make sure to hold on at all times, keep your balance and go with the flow of the bike and your driver. Especially around twists and turns, the unexpected. You hold on tight for fear you’ll lose balance or fall off. Isn’t, and or shouldn’t our walk with God be the same? Do you let God be your driver, give him complete control, let your life be in his hands?

Those of us with control issues, me included, can have a really hard time with this concept. The so-called “back seat drivers”. Making sure the driver sees that stop sign, or slows down around that curve, or the infamous passenger seat breaker. (you know what I’m talking about, where your foot suddenly juts out trying to push the break pedal that’s NOT on that side of the car!) That’s impossible to do on a cycle, but you get my drift.

Think about it though, if we stopped being that back seat driver and went with the flow- God’s flow. Like the Kerri Underwood song, “Jesus Take the Wheel”. If we saw our walk with God as a passenger on a motorcycle. Held on tightly to him at all times, let God steer us in the right direction. When those curves and bumps in the road appear you hold on a little tighter. If you let go and lose balance you’ll fall off. You fall off and get hurt. The wounds inflicted from letting go hurt, they make you weary to get back on and ride again.

So imagine never, ever letting go. You never let go there’s no chance of getting hurt. You’ll ride smoothly through the bumps and curves, twists and turns, holding tightly to your driver-to God.

Bill Hybels talks about a leader getting people from here to there. We are constantly moving forward. We will never stay the same. As a leader, to move people forward he brought up a concept to not make THERE sound wonderful. First make HERE sound awful. Then build your case for why we can not stay here. Then cast your vision of THERE. Does this sound familiar to anyone? This pattern of here being awful, and at the end of building a case for why we CAN NOT, and SHOULD NOT want to stay here, a great and wonderful vision of THERE. It starts in Genesis and ends in Revelation. God is the great leader who started this concept. He is the leader that will move people from here to there. A leader, who if we hold on tightly to, just like a passenger on a motorcycle, will get us from here to there.

We should constantly be thinking about getting there, heaven, and letting God be our driver. Always let him be in control. Put your life in his hands. Breathing in the crisp air, smelling, hearing, and seeing everything along the way, feeling free. So my advice is to hop on, hang on, and enjoy the ride!

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