Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don't let your troubles weigh you down!

Short and sweet tonight, THIS is what I need to put on repeat in my head over and over at the moment! John and I did AWESOME with our "diet" last week when all the food was prepped. WELL life got busy and let's just say it's been anything BUT healthy in the past few days. I also had my appointment with the Rheumatologist who thinks I most definitely have an autoimmune inflammatory disease, not yet showing up on testing, but very much positive clinically. I'm being started on Plaquenil, which is actually an old anti-malaria drug..this is in addition to the million other pills/supplements/vitamins I take on a daily basis. It's taken twice a day, which if you add up all my other pills I THINK takes me to a total of 15 pills per day. I'm really good at taking a lot at once now LOL..I can swallow a big old handful, including a multivitamin and fish oil. (not sure if that's something to be really proud of :-0 ) Anyways, I've been really down the last few days about all this, being 33 years old and on more pills than most of my 80 something year old patients! I need to get over it and move on with things. I'm bringing myself down which in turn is making me hit my old ways and turn to food...JUNK food to be exact. We all have problems, I'm sure many of you reading this have just as much crap in your life, if not more. Everyone's problems are REAL to them and I need to keep that in mind and knock off the pity party. It's time to move on...drop the weight for REAL and of my troubles...it's just not worth it!
Don't let worry weigh you down. It's amazing what stress can do to someone's body. It effects us not just emotionally but physically as well, in very real ways. We need to learn to focus on the here and now. What's in the past is the past...and the future hasn't happened yet...so why worry about it!
Focus on the now!  :-) 

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