Saturday, February 11, 2012

L3-L4, L4-L5 can kiss it, along with ya dumb facets!

I did a hard work-out inside today rather than going out, due to a chest cold I've been fighting off all week. I'll post my links on here to what I did. I decided I wanted to do something different than the same old crap I've been doing. I thought I'd go to youtube and try and check some new stuff out. I was hoping I'd stumble across some video's I could actually use to do a work-out. I DID! I came up with this routine that was about an hour or so long and then I did my normal stretching routine.

Followed by some good 'Ol push-ups!

I'm not gonna lie I probably only did about HALF of this work-out (between figuring out what I was doing and having to stop and catch my breath) . It was VERY hard for me to do. It made me realize I definitely need to get back into a routine of incorporating a LOT MORE strength/cardio/plyo into my regular routine. Running I have down...there are things I need to work on, but my distance is coming along and I'm pretty darn sure that if I start incorporating some of this other stuff I will start improving my speed....along with all the hills I've started running! I tried watching these video's before I did them and I was still all confused as to what I was supposed to be doing half the time! I was working out in the kids room that is in the transition of becoming my step-son's, more so than my daughter's, due to living arrangements. (reason for the half stripped purple paint and other half completely obsessed beyond insane Chicago Bears paraphernalia) This is a VERY small space and I was trying to watch these video's off my laptop. (So don't tell me you have NO WHERE and NOTHING TO USE to work-out! No excuses!)

One of the things that really threw me were the exercises in the Ab Ripper video. I've ALWAYS been able to do a lot of ab work. The position you start in though made it really hard for me to do. I could definitely feel strain on my lower back. I get really frustrated when my physical problems start interfering with my work-outs. I wanna do more and just can't. I was loving the routine at the end...the leg walks..

and Russian Twits....Russian Twists I think are one of my ALL TIME favorite exercises!

All in all I had a good work-out today. I did miss running, but figured it best to give my lungs a little more healing time before I go hard in the damp and cold. I'll continue to really work on my core and know that strengthening this will also help my back in the long run! No matter what...I'll always, always, always LOVE my push-ups and so glad that I can do them again. My shoulder is doing much better!

By the end of my work-out...this is how it was! Actually that's how I felt...this was actually only about 1/4 of the way into my work-out!!!


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