Monday, February 6, 2012

Excuses are for loser's..even if it bites ya later!

So I did my longest run ever on Saturday over 6 1/2 miles. Never, EVER thought when I started running I'd be logging those kind of miles. I'm still working on my time and unfortuneately hate to admit, I still stop for short walk breaks...but really? Over 6 miles!! When I started running last June (crazy to think it hasn't even been a year yet) I couldn't even run 2 minutes at a time. My training schedule called for me to do 2 minutes of running followed by 4 minutes of walking and repeat 4 times. It just completely amazes me to see how far I've come in a short amount of time! I must say, it hasn't been easy. Taking a bit of time off here and there when my kidney's flare-up gets really frustrating. I must admit though I feel better and better all the time. My back problems have improved GREATLY..I still have pain and know that SOMEDAY I will still need surgery but I will push that off as long as I possibly can!! It's crazy how much exercise can help you. I was worried at first about my knee's...carrying many, many extra pounds along for a run, when your muscles are not built up, makes for some sore joints. Everything started to get better and the pains slowly started going away, to where I could lose the knee brace, and not ice afterwards.

This weekend marked a new found determination. I had my longest run ever scheduled and felt like I might be getting sick. I WAS GOING TO DO MY RUN!! I just had a sore throat and some sniffles..was JUST starting with a cough..but wasn't going to let that deter me. I went out and pushed through an over 6 1/2 mile long run. It felt great!! The sense of accomplishment is overwhelming when you realize you're doing something you never thought you would do! I came home hacking and coughing. I did a lot of stretching and took it easy the rest of the day. I woke up Sunday morning feeling GREAT. All of that came crashing to a hault last night when I couldn't fall asleep until after 3am due to coughing...took a mucinex dm on an empty stomach and woke up feeling like complete crap. I slept until about 12:30pm and have been on my sofa ever since. Do I think this came about because I went on my run??? I don't think so. I think this was going to come about anyhow and that exercising did NOT make it worse. If I used excuses to NOT do a work-out I wouldn't BE working out and running. "I'm tired. My joints hurt. It's late. I don't feel like it. My back hurts. I think I'm coming down with something. It's dark out. It's cold out. I'll do it tomorrow. I don't think I can. I just don't feel like it. I worked out really hard yesterday. I'll work out extra tomorrow."

I've come to a point where I don't wanna make excuses...even if I should. Do I think I'd be laid up on my sofa today if I didn't do my run on Saturday..I'm not sure...would I take it back? Absolutely NOT! Did I do my run today? do I feel like I know my limits? Yep! Do I plan to get back out there ASAP when my body "tells me" that I can? You know it!! So go ahead, tell me,...what's your excuse??

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